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“Celebrate Women every day with Hum Arts”

Top Row (Left to Right): Solah Shringar, Dreamcatcher, Divine Creation, Riveting Bleu
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Starry Starlet, Svelte, Rani – The Warrior Queen, Meenakshi – The Fish-eyed Girl

In my view women don’t need one particular day to celebrate their womanhood. They should celebrate everyday and in every moment of their life. After all, they are not just the ‘better half’ of life, but even a little more than the half of all existence.

So, if you are a woman, celebrate each day or if you have the stupendous woman in your life, let her know how special she really is, as often as you can. Maybe, even buy her a painting celebrating femininity from Hum-Arts, and put it up where everyone can see your reverence and affection for her.