About us

‘Hum’ means Us, and that’s where it all starts

Sometimes, we get so busy with running through life, that we fail to realize what ‘life is’ truly about. Lata, the in-house creative wonder woman and the she-entrepreneur who started ‘Hum-Arts’, paints to pull people’s attention back to the feelings and expressions of love and life.

Lata is a self-taught artist and started painting only after a 2-decade long career in the Health Care and Health Insurance industry. Her journey from a professional to a professional painter, was a childhood dream and took air suddenly and unexpectedly when she took a break from her job and started painting to kill some time. Very quickly, her creative works were praised by her family and friends, and she took a bold decision to follow her heart, finally. That is when she set up her online shop, ‘Hum Arts‘, and has never looked back.

She is also an art writer who expresses her creative thoughts through her writing, about art, artists and other creatives in journals.

She says, “I have a wonderful family that actively engages and supports me in all my endeavors, hence I paint under the pseudonym of ‘Hum Arts’. ‘Hum’ in Hindi means ‘Us’ as I love playing with my kids, meeting with friends around creative themes and spending time in nature for inspiration.”

At Hum Arts, we wish to spread these carefully and laboriously crafted visual messages as far and wide as possible and make them part of the lives of as many people as possible. So, we re-purpose Lata’s artwork with the ‘Hum Arts’ creatives into unique and trendy gifts for family and friends, and leverage the ‘Hum- Arts’ brand to create a niche of creative products, that resonate with us on a human level, on slowing down and smelling the roses.

We showcase Hum products on Hum-Arts.com, Etsy and Amazon so that you can purchase something ‘unique, handmade, and designer’ for yourself, or as a gift for your family, friends or for that someone special (girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son, mother, father, cat, dog, you get the drift…).

Let us know if you have any questions or would just like to discuss art and creativity over coffee. ☕

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For any questions / feedback, you can email us at humartsbylatav@gmail.com