Aroma Soy Candles – Mini Jar (Mogra)


Eco friendly Mogra aroma soywax candles hand poured in small batches. The jar can be repurposed.

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Our candles are crafted from premium quality essential oils, soy wax, color pigments and wicks. Hand poured in small batches with lots of love.

Mogra fragrance is lightly scented and exotic floral fragrance. They may help you to keep calm and creates a serene and relaxing ambience.

Soy candles are eco-friendly, cleaner burning, longer lasting (30-50% longer) than equivalent paraffin based candles, biodegradable and water soluble, making them easier to clean if an accident occurs and a healthier candle to burn in your house.

Make sure your Candle wick is no more than 1/4″ long when you start burning. Check periodically before lighting.

To ensure the longest burn time, do not burn your candles for more than 4 hours at a time.

The jars can be repurposed.



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